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Workers at major East Coast produce center begin strike

Monday, March 1st, 2010

By Meggan Kole

Workers at the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market went on strike early this morning.

The center sells fruits and vegetables from around the world to area stores and restaurants.

The strike by the Market’s sales force, cashiers and security personnel is over health and overtime pay.

Philadelphia Police had to intervene early this morning, after  mobs of workers prevented trucks from picking up produce. Police are only letting up to two striking workers – at any of the distribution center’s entrances.

Hwan Chan works at his family’s produce shop a block north of Rittenhouse Square. He says the family is not worried about the strike. He was able to get the produce the store needed with limited problems.
Chan: It’s just gonna be a hassle. It’s not gonna be, you know, too much of a problem. Getting the stuff will be a little you know since there’s no guy working there, it’s gonna take longer to get your stuff out and stuff like that. Otherwise it’s just an inconvenience actually.

Merchant owners and non-union employees are running the market. The market is located on Packer Avenue near the Walt Whitman Bridge.

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