Just You Wait


Just You Wait looks at new ideas and trends in pop culture, art, technology, entertainment and daily life. It steps away from the headlines and focuses on the most recent developments bubbling-up in all kinds of cultural arenas.

The host and contributors talk with guests, reporters and everyday people about the latest buzz in literature, advertising, food, the arts, TV, music and the internet…all the forces shaping popular culture. The program host is John Sheehan; contributors include: Anne Marie Baldanado, Peter Crimmins, Christine Dempsey, Therese Madden, Patty McMahon, John Myers, Elisabeth Perez Luna, Amy Salit, and Eric Walter.

Just You Wait airs Saturday, January 5th from 3 to 4pm and again on Monday, January 7th from 1 to 2pm. We’d love to know what you think of the program, or hear any suggestions for topics! Email us at justyouwait@whyy.org