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Just You Wait: Pilot Program

Explore new ideas and trends in pop culture, art, technology, entertainment and daily life. Just You Wait steps away from the headlines and focuses on the most recent developments bubbling-up in all kinds of cultural arenas.

Extreme Knitting — By Peter Crimmins

SEGMENT 1 — Drexel University’s Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies Center ( ExCITe Center) houses a knitting machine the size of a small car. There’s more than knit one, pearl two going on here – this is EXTREME KNITTING. Aside from knitting seamless clothing, this machine could be knitting medical devices, with woven-in sensors that could monitor patients or even unborn babies. Scientist; fashion designers; artists; computer programmers; musicians and technologists can all benefit from this modern marvel. Peter Crimmins joined the knitting circle to see what it could do.

Pictured: (Left) Dr. Youngmoo Kim, director of Drexel’s ExCITe Center, sits at his magnetic resonator piano. Electromagnets, rather than hammers, can cause the piano’s strings to vibrate. (Right) A sleeve knitted from silver wire, which may hold the future of robotics. (Emma Lee/for NewsWorks)

Art CSA — By Therese Madden

SEGMENT 2 — You’re probably familiar with the concept of the CSA- Community Supported Agriculture- – you know, you pay a chunk of money in the beginning of the growing season and get a box of fresh vegetables on a regular basis- what ever the farmer has growing. This concept is similar, but with a non-edible twist. It’s still a CSA- Community Supported ART. Therese Madden talks with the art supporters and artists.

Finding New Music — By Elisabeth Perez Luna & Patty McMahon

SEGMENT 3 — It’s hard work to find good music, we Spotify, navigate to the sound of Pandora, hum tunes into an app to identify that special tune, spend our lives with headsets glued to our ears and raid internet music sites . All these digital devices and services serve our insatiable hunger for music that stirs and inspires us ; and a whole industry is there to feed us. Just You Wait shares some new finds including: “Speak in Rounds” by Grizzly Bear, “Is Your Love Big Enough” by Lianne La Havas, and “When You Live Your Life It Should Be Like BOOM!” by El Malito & the 33rd Century from El Malito & the 33rd Company.

Musical Predictions — By Amy Salit

SEGMENT 4 — WHYY’s resident musicphile Amy Salit, picks a few recordings she is looking forward to in 2013. One of her highlights is Johnny Marr’s forthcoming album, The Messenger. The video on the left features the single, The Messenger. Below, Things are Changing from The Relatives.

Infotainment Centers — By Eric Walter

SEGMENT 5 — How “connected” is your car? If it’s not now, chances are a new car you buy by 2017 will be. What will you be connected to – an Infotainment Center. These integrated systems in automobiles deliver entertainment and information content. Eric Walter explored this new technology on four wheels.

TV Update — By Ann Marie Baldonado & Christine Dempsey

SEGMENT 6 — Ann Marie Baldanado and Christine Dempsey discuss a new way you can experience programs without broadcast TV. The new series House of Cards debuts on February 1 only on Netflix. This wicked political drama slithers through the back halls of greed, sex, love and corruption in modern D.C.

Digital Detox — By John Myers

SEGMENT 7 — The medical community is starting to take internet addiction more seriously. The American Psychiatric Association plans to include “Internet Use Disorder” (that’s the official medical term) in the appendix of their manual of mental disorders, the DSM. And so, if technology is the new addiction, then digital detox is the new rehab. And yes, there are hotels that offer digital detox rooms and even tech-free public spaces. But for those that need a little more help unplugging, there are digital detox retreats. That’s where Brenda Campbell and her husband [Kord Campbell] ended up. They found a retreat in Northern California.

The more time that we spend with our devices, the more likely that we may be shifting towards our more impulsive self. And, perhaps, our more self-destructive self.

Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist at Stanford

Luddites Among Us — By John Sheehan

SEGMENT 8 — Not everyone embraces technology in these modern times. John Sheehan stumbled upon a group in Philadelphia that are staunch luddites, but are performing a work of science fiction…

Pictured: Failed playwright Francis Beaumont

This is the final scene of the play “Give My Regards to Jupiter,” as performed by the Beaumont Players in Philadelphia in December of 2012. The play was released in 1927 and written by the extremely unsuccessful playwright Francis Beaumont. Beaumont was frustrated with the increasing success of the cinema, and in particular science fiction films like Georges Melies “A Trip to the Moon,” and felt it was damaging the theater, and was the cause of his own professional failure. “Give My Regards to Jupiter,” was his greatest success, although itself only opening to mild critical acclaim. He meant the play to be a damning indictment of Cinema, and used Rocket Science as a metaphor for advances in film technology.

7 Responses to Just You Wait: Pilot Program

  • dgoakill January 5, 2013 at 4:04 pm
    Great show! never really listened to WHYY before, but will definitely be checking out more programs.

  • Tim January 5, 2013 at 5:44 pm
    I almost turned off this program, so glad I waited for the end. Great show!

  • Amanda January 5, 2013 at 8:05 pm
    Hey where are the knitting machines from Drexels at on this site? That is why I took a visit... Thanks. cool stuff too.

  • Lisa January 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm
    Hi! Listening to and enjoying first show. Suggestion for new music: Check out one-man bands like Half-Handed Cloud. One player doing it all -- composing, recording, playing all the instruments, arranging and even the album covers. Amazing!

  • Jill January 7, 2013 at 2:11 pm
    Interesting program and good to hear some other WHYY voices on a new show. The last piece, the "fake" sci-fi theater piece was too funny because I was just about to Google where the Beaumont Players were playing when the reporter said that he had made up the entire show on his IPhone. That is the power of the radio! It reminded me of The War of the Worlds radio drama without the alien invasion. Keep up the good work.

  • Zach January 8, 2013 at 12:20 pm
    Hey There, I really enjoyed the first show. For a music suggestion, here is an EP that I wrote, performed, recorded, mixed, etc... entirely by myself under the name "Pterofractyl." Upon completing the EP, I was then able to release my album in a "Pay-What-You-Want" model on Bandcamp.com. Its an exciting time for musicians, in that we can accomplish so much on our own, from writing, to recording, to releasing our music.

  • Rebecca January 8, 2013 at 9:18 pm
    This is great stuff! Please consider making this a podcast so those of us on the go can continue to listen.