Friday Arts

“Art of Food” Wins 2013 James Beard Award

The James Beard Awards are the highest honor for food and beverage professionals in North America. “Art of Food” won for best television segment.

Historical Foodies: The Cookbook of Ellen M. Emlen

When Tara O’Brien began as Director of Conservation and Preservation at the Historical Society of Philadelphia, she was pleased to find like minded academics of a particular ilk- historical foodies. Fans of the famous Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery, O’Brien and a number of staff set out to find new recipes in the HSP’s archives.

Happy Cat Farm

Chapter 3 — Tim Mountz is a seed fanatic. After the death of his grandfather in 1993, he received a jar of beans that would generate his fascination with food and its history. Now as the owner of Happy Cat Farm, Tim seeks to instill that sense of history and tradition into great, naturally grown food. Starting as the hobby of a seed collector, Happy Cat Farms has grown into a national distributor of both seeds and plants. Describing the endeavor as a “triple-bottom-line” business, the farm is dedicated not simply to profit, “but [to] people and planet as well.”

Metropolitan Bakery

Chapter 1 — Wendy Smith Born and James Barrett, while working as the manager and pastry chef of The White Dog Cafe, would frequently discuss how much they missed the quality artisanal breads they enjoyed in Paris. This sparked the beginnings of what is now the cherished Philadelphia institution known as Metropolitan Bakery. Barrett’s years of culinary training and knowledge of Old World bread-making, combined with the business know-how from Smith Born, churned out a Philadelphia bakery unlike any other before it. Their European-style crusty breads and pastries are the result of quality ingredients, perfected techniques, and above all, patience. “Friday Arts” also looks into Metropolitan’s charitable side, such as how they give back to the city with their training and employment of underprivileged citizens to work in their production facility.