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A Baker’s Brunch

June 21, 2013

Art of Food — Produced by Monica Rogozinski

In order to continue the legacy of the late food writer, educator, American Chef and “Dean of American cookery”, James Beard, a close friend and former student, Julia Child came up with the idea to transform his home after his passing, into a national non-for-profit culinary performative space. Today, the Beard House offers a variety of events and programs designed to educate, inspire, entertain, and foster a deeper understanding of our American culinary culture. Similar in the fashion that Beard once hosted, event attendees enjoy fine American cuisine together within the household as it is prepared and by the nation’s top emerging culinary figures. To be invited to cook an event at the Household is a landmark honor for each chef, and provides them the opportunity to showcase and expand upon their localized specialties and menu staples.

Chef Amy Edelman and her team at Chestnut Hill’s Night Kitchen Bakery & Cafe, recently conducted a multi-coursed Sunday brunch at the James Beard House. In this Art of Food segment, we provide an inside look at the inner workings of the James Beard House, The Night Kitchen Bakery & Cafe, and the beautiful preparation that goes into every celebratory bite of Amy’s Sunday James Beard Brunch. Cheers!

James Beard Awards

A James Beard Award is considered the most coveted honor for any food and beverage professional in North America. The annual James Beard Awards celebrates the best of the best within the restaurant business- including chefs, cookbook authors, restaurant architects, food journalists, and others. Izabela Wojcik, Director of House Programming at the James Beard Foundation, gives us an inside look at the Awards. Edited by Jasia Kaulbach and Will Standish.

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  • Michael Pawlikowski

    Forget these candidates – Financial analyst Warren Pollock has a handle on reality this debate never came close to acknowledging .

    “Pollock is also warning people about what he calls a coming “Pompeii type of event.”
    Pollock explains, “I think the first part of that event is
    rationalization. Imagine you are standing in Pompeii just before this
    volcano is about to explode. All the people around you are saying this
    volcano is not going to be a problem for us. That’s rationalization and
    dissonance. That’s what’s happening right now. That’s why people are
    still talking about the economy, even though the bomb of the economy has
    gone off. The financial crash has already occurred. That’s why people
    are still voting Republican or Democrat or are still reading
    newspapers. So, people right now are in Pompeii. The volcano is about
    to explode, and you really can’t have a discussion with the people
    around you. Your best avenue is to realize the volcano is about to
    explode and try to escape the situation. So, as far as human kind is
    concerned, I think we are at the end of an age in a long cycle. . . .
    Anything that is parabolic is unsustainable.”

    I totally agree with Mr. Pollock – vote with your feet. I especially appreciated Pollock’s telling why the establishment’s (and Sen. Coons) irrational response to Ebola caters to the financial oligarchs interests in Africa rather than protecting lives here in Delaware & the USA.