First Extra Edition: Health & Technology

This special First Extra edition features the members of the WHYY Health and Science Desk reporting on how technology is influencing healthcare and the relationship between you and your doctor.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2:

Pediatrician-led center offers reliable kids health information.

Chapter 3: Doctor’s Notes

Growing dissatisfaction with electronic records among doctors. To promote the text of the personal essay on the Web from Wilmington family physician Rebecca Jaffe.

Chapter 4: Connected to care

Telehealth provides medical and behavioral health care services to downstate and rural residents. We visit the Wilmington VA.

Chapter 5: Quick care

The proliferation of urgent care centers in response to health law opportunities. MedExpress and others invest big.

Chapter 6: Reporters’ Roundtable

WHYY’s Health and Science reporters discuss their stories and illustrations from cartoonist Rob Tornoe.

Chapter 7: First Experience: New Voice

Researchers at Nemours work on assistive technology to give a teen girl a less-robotic, more natural sounding voice.