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Featured Artists: Irish Arts Center, RAWartists, Arabella Tattershall and the Bogart Film Festival

Take a walk on the Irish side, examine the ART of networking, see where dress-making intersects with the craft of welding, and learn about the anti-hero of film noir.

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Irish Arts Center

Founded in 1972, Irish Arts Center is a New York-based arts and cultural center dedicated to projecting a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America for the 21st century, building community with artists and audiences of all backgrounds, forging and strengthening cross-cultural partnerships, and preserving the evolving stories and traditions of Irish culture for generations to come.

Our multi-disciplinary programming is centered around three core areas: performance – including live music, dance, theatre, film, literature, and the humanities; exhibition – including visual arts presentations and cultural exhibitions that tell the evolving Irish story; and education – with dozens of classes per week in Irish language, history, music, and dance.

Located in New York City, a global capital of arts and culture, Irish Arts Center serves as a dynamic platform for top emerging and established artists and cultural creators to reach a New York, national, and global audience, and as a gateway for other institutions to access first-rate Irish and Irish American culture.


In 2003, a small-town girl graduated high school and moved to the big city of Los Angeles, CA. Her only wish was to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a fashion designer. Not wasting any time, she started her own clothing line. She soon realized that she was just one small fish in a very big pond. She sold her pieces at swapmeets on the weekends while going to school full-time, working part-time and interning in the fashion district.

After a while she thought … “there’s got to be a better way to get my work out there.”

Surrounded by new friends and talented people in art, music, performance and film that were facing the same plight — she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In 2005, Heidi Luerra threw her first multi-faceted showcase in Los Angeles. After much interest from the over 750 attendees that came to the event, she found her calling — to create a platform for the many people who are talented, yet go unnoticed.

In 2009, equipped with a mission of bringing tools and resources to artists who were fighting the good fight on their own, RAW was born. After the first RAW event, a local web developer, Matthew Klahorst approached Heidi about combining these art events with an online showcase for artists. From this collaboration came the next evolution of RAW — promoting artists both online and offline.

In 2011, they decided to take the concept beyond Southern California. RAW now hosts monthly showcases that spotlight indie talent in film, fashion, music, art, hair & makeup artistry, performing art and photography in 54 cities across the U.S and counting. In July 2012, RAW made its first international debut in Australia! RAW launches in Canada (Montréal and Vancouver) in Summer of 2013 and London in the Fall!

Arabella Tattershall

Arabella Tattershall is a self-taught welder and sculptor. She merges her newfound skills with her passion for sewing and creates pieces that invoke nature, family and touch. These extraordinary works of art compliment her smaller, signature style of making leaves, branches and birds.

Arabella Tattershall on her work: “As my passion for metal has brewed, so has my respect for it, a respect that has become mutual and benevolent, so that I can ask more of metal and it is willing to give. I ask for movement, conveyance, fluidity and reaction. The metal gives.

I am enamored with leaves. They keep falling into my pieces, as they would from a tree, and I accept their gifts of seasonal engagement in the guises of frailty, tenacity, color and shape.

My work is capricious and finds itself everywhere. My pieces adorn walls, gardens, fences and entries. It joins hands with clay, wood and wire. It becomes an archway to a beloved garden space, decorates a lavish banquet table, embellishes the side of a house. It’s a bird with a witty posture, sometimes positioned in the outdoors meant to harbor the nearest raindrop or the farthest desire.

My work continues to define itself, reaching farther, asking more, extending beyond accepted, I keep on rattling the cage.”

The Bogart Film Festival

Every few years a new generation of cinema aficianados discover the films of the anti-hero actor, Humphrey Bogart. Key Largo, an island in Florida, is named after Bogart’s movie Key Largo and now is the site of the first annual movie festival celebrating film noir and Bogart’s classics.

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