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Featured artists: Edward Hopper, Brett Zamore, Jason Harrelson and Dorothea Lange

View the work of Edward Hopper through a New York lens, meet an architect who constructs beautiful homes at affordable prices, see how a musician bridges science and sound, and explore the work of Dorothea Lange through the eyes of her family.

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Episode Highlights:

Edward Hopper

An intimate look at the life and work of artist Edward Hopper from the city that shaped and informed his distinctive style. Travel to New York City to explore his iconic portfolio and creative process.

  • AP Photo/Art Institute of Chicago

Brett Zamore Design

Established in 2007, Brett Zamore Design has gained national recognition for architecture that is sensitive to our surrounding conditions, mindful of the past, the present and the shifting, ever-changing world. Zamore’s LEED Accredited office designs buildings that are environmentally responsible, simple and modern yet warm in texture and composition. Each project is well thought out, captures the vision of their clients and are a unique fit within their natural context. By creating projects that adapt and readapt to different situations and needs, it is Zamore’s belief that successful architecture makes a difference.

Jason Harrelson

After decades of searching for the perfect instrument, musician Jason Harrelson took matters into his own hands, literally. In designing and building his own trumpets, Harrelson has found he can create a more personal sound.

American Masters’ Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

Explore, through Lange’s granddaughter’s eyes, the life story of the influential “Migrant Mother” photographer. Never-before-seen photos and film footage, family memories and new interviews reveal the artist who challenged America to know itself.