Richard Hodges

What does an archeologist bring to the post 9/11 story?
That’s the premise behind the “Excavating Ground Zero:Fragments from 9/11″ exhibition at the Penn Museum (runs until November 6 ). More »

Charles H. Ramsey

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey was in Washington DC on September 11th. He was then the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department for the District of Columbia . More »

September 11 Project

Immediately after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, search and rescue teams deployed around the site to provide all sort of assistance. Among them was a group of communication¬† technology specialists who were¬† trying to capture cell phone signals from the ruins. More »

David Eisner

On September 2001, David Eisner was senior Executive at AOL Time Warner in New York. On the morning of 9/11, he was flying to NY and landed at around 8:30. More »

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Share Your Story

What does 9/11/01 mean to you? Where were you? What has changed in your life since then? Ten years after the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, most of us have incorporated, images, words, experiences and awareness about security systems into our daily life. Most say that work, school, worship went back to normal, but that might not be exactly true or is it? Explore some of the stories we've collected, and feel free to share your own. »

In and Out of the Shadows of 9/11

As we commemorate a decade after the 9/11 attacks, producer Maiken Scott explores the legacy of trauma it has left in its wake. This 2011 Out of The Shadows documentary is a follow up to her previous audio documentary In the Shadow of 9/11 which shows how a group of individuals weathered their new reality six years after the attacks. More »

The Language of 9/11

Ten years ago the events of 9/11 changed the world. They also changed our language. Words and phrases like "homeland security," "WTC," "patriotism" and even "9/11" took on new or renewed meanings. How has your vocabulary changed? What terms do you remember from that day or in the ten years since? Add a word or share your story »