WHYY Internships

Internships are an important element in the growth of young professionals, and WHYY offers a variety of meaningful learning opportunities and on-the-job training experiences for college juniors and seniors and graduate and postgraduate students (within two years of graduation).

Internship experiences range from production and newsroom opportunities across all media platforms of the region's primary public media provider to branding, promotions and public relations and other administrative departments.

WHYY internships provide valuable and practical hands-on experience, supervised by award-winning professionals. College credit may be granted. Internships are unpaid.

Students will be selected through a competitive application and interview process for internships during three term periods: fall (September to December), winter-spring (January to May) and summer (June to August).

For more information contact Betsy Feil at bfeil@whyy.org or 215-351-1261.

How to Apply

WHYY offers unpaid internships to junior- and senior-year undergraduates, graduate and postgraduate students throughout the year. The following materials must be completed and sent as attachments in one email to: Betsy Feil at bfeil@whyy.org

  • Download & complete the internship application (PDF)
  • Resume
  • Cover letter discussing career goals, three internships in order of preference, computer and language skills and any specific, relevant broadcasting or media experience
  • A two- or three-page writing sample
  • A DVD-R sample, if appropriate, of any media or Web-based work
  • A letter of recommendation from an individual who can speak to your relevant experience, background, skills and/or work ethic. If the individual writing your letter of recommendation would prefer to send it under separate email, please email Ms. Feil to inform her of this and include the name of the person writing your letter of recommendation and when it will be sent in that email. Your application packet will not be considered complete and will not be forwarded to the appropriate staff members until the letter is received.
  • Applicants from non-native English-speaking countries must provide proof of competence in speaking and writing in English through TOEFL minimum scores of 600 (PBT), 200 (CBT) or 100 (IBT).

Note: International applicants must have a valid visa. WHYY does not assist with visa applications.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for an internship without regard to race, color, age, sex, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship or any other protected status. WHYY is committed to diversity in the workplace and offers equal opportunity and treatment to all who apply.

WHYY reserves the right to request a state Criminal Background Check (CBC) and a Child Abuse History Clearance (CAC) upon acceptance into WHYY's internship program. Interns' continuation in the position will be contingent on the results of the aforementioned clearances. If requested, WHYY will ask interns to complete the application forms for a CBC and CAC prior to their first day and cover the cost of each application form.

Note: A conviction record will not automatically result in your disqualification of interning; felony and misdemeanor convictions will be considered only to the extent they relate to the intern position for which you are being considered. However, failure to disclose a conviction and/or mischaracterization of a conviction will result in your ineligibility for interning and/or termination for interning (even if the conviction would not have barred your eligibility for interning had it been properly disclosed).

Application Deadlines

Students will be selected through a competitive application and interview process for internships during three term periods. For consideration, applications must be postmarked by the dates shown below:

Winter-Spring Session: January through May — Applications postmarked by November 15.
Summer Session: June through August — Applications postmarked April 30.
Fall Session: September through December — Applications postmarked by September 1.

Please allow us 4 to 6 weeks to process your application. Because of the volume of applications received, we are unable to notify applicants who are not selected for internships.

All materials submitted become part of the confidential property of WHYY and are not returnable. Telephone interviews may be conducted with potential interns as part of the selection process. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

WHYY Internship Offerings

The Pulse is a one-hour, weekly radio show that airs on Friday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. It is a production of WHYY's Health and Science desk.

Excellent writing skills are required. Audio recording and producing abilities are a plus as well as experience with gathering field audio.

Health & Science / The Pulse interns will:

  • Learn to report audio and web stories for the WHYY health and science desk;
  • Assist reporters in seeking out health and science related story ideas in the Philadelphia region;
  • Learn to pitch stories and to research story ideas;
  • Attend press events and learn to write daily news spots;
  • Help seek out sound-rich health and science related ideas for the show;
  • Assist H&S reporters and producers on weekly production tasks;
  • Learn to research story ideas and to pitch story ideas;
  • Assist in transcribing interviews;
  • Will collaborate with producers on recurring segments;
  • Assist in sending out weekly online media kits to help promote coverage.

Interns should be able to devote two full days a week to the internship.

We offer two kinds of internships in the radio newsroom. Interns for both roles in the newsroom must be motivated and able to learn new skills quickly.

  1. NewsWorks Tonight: Interns should have demonstrated experience in journalism, radio/multi-media preferred. They should also be assertive and comfortable calling people on the phone to help secure people for show interviews. Interns will:
    • Learn how to record interviews, select sound bites for use in broadcast and use audio editing software (Pro Tools) to cut that sound.
    • Research ideas for interviews for the show and provide background to producers and host for interviews.
    • Sometimes conduct "person on the street" interviews.
    • Learn what it takes to get a daily news show on the air.

  2. Newsroom: Interns should have demonstrated experience in journalism, radio/multi-media preferred. They should also be assertive and comfortable calling people on the phone to help secure people for show interviews. They must be a fast learner on the technical side. Interns will:
    • Learn how to report a simple story, cut sound bites for use on air and write simple web and radio reports.
    • Interns who show promise will be able to voice a story for air, but that is NOT a guarantee.
    • Learn how to produce audio in Pro Tools.
    • Go out on assignment with reporters as an extra set of hands.

During the academic year, interns must be able to put in at least 2 full days or a combination of 20 hours in good sized blocks. In summer, a minimum of 3 full days is required.

Instructional Assistants will learn from WHYY's Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons staff as they assist with project coordination and instruction by serving as second instructor in a classroom of 10-15 high school students who are learning video production.

Ideal candidates will have completed coursework in journalism, education, social work, production, or related fields. Candidates must have experience working with video and/or with teens and have excellent organization and communication skills.

Instructional Assistants intern will learn to:

  • Shoot video;
  • Record audio;
  • Edit with Final Cut Pro;
  • Compose shots;
  • Edit documentary-style productions.

Instructional Assistant interns will become familiar with:

  • Basic classroom management;
  • Student-centered exploratory projects;
  • How to assist with student production.

Afternoon and evening availability requested. (CBC and CAC required upon acceptance).

Voices in the Family with Dr. Dan Gottlieb

The ideal candidate will have strong research skills and be well organized. Interest in radio production and/or psychology preferred. A professional speaking voice and ability to converse comfortably on the phone essential.

The Voices in the Family intern will:

  • Be an active participant in the weekly production of a live radio show including screening callers for on air conversation with the host;
  • Interact with host Dr. Dan Gottlieb, a leader in the mental health profession;
  • Have the opportunity to experience all aspects of a live radio show including pitching ideas, booking and pre-interviewing guests as well as some pre-produced aspects such as recording promos;
  • Use academic skills to review material and write a synopsis for the host as well as discover new research in the field;
  • Learn how to work in a deadline driven environment and to operate under pressure;
  • Have an experience that will foster interpersonal skills.

Time commitment ~~ looking for 1.5 - 2 days per week. Monday morning is live show and attendance from 10 AM until 1:30 PM is essential. Some research can be done on pre-determined scheduled off premises.